Thoughts on Vita Gamescom Announcements



Though the truly big announcement to come out of Sony’s Gamescom press conference was the release date of the PS4, the Vita enjoyed some time in the spotlight. There were multiple announcements and of course, I have thoughts on all of them.

Borderlands 2:

I’m going to come out and be honest; I have never played either of the Borderlands games. That being said, I am excited to see a popular AAA game come to the system. I do worry that the dependence on console ports is becoming a detriment to the handheld though. It’s great to have games like this and The Walking Dead on the Vita, but like any platform, for the Vita to survive and thrive, new content is needed. I’m just not sure what retail games coming out in 2014 are going to fill that void.



Ever since the possibility of Minecraft on the Vita was mentioned, I have been hoping that it would come true. I play very few games on the PC, and I don’t own an Xbox 360, so personally this is a big win for me. For the Vita this is also a big win. Minecraft has been a success on Xbox 360, and the ability to play the definitive handheld Minecraft will draw in many gamers.


Get ready to rock for free, kind of.

If there was one Vita announcement I had mixed feelings on it was BigFest. The free-to-play music festival sim sounds interesting with its use of real up and coming musicians. What turns me off is that it is a free-to-play game. I am not a fan of this model of selling a game because as a consumer, I feel like I have to keep spending money just to enjoy the damn thing. I’ll just have to wait and see how “free” it truly is.

More Indie Games:

Sony is continuing their push for Indie games on the PlayStation family of systems, and this was very clear during their press conference. Right now the Vita could use some more games, so bringing popular titles like Fez will help.

System Price Drop:

I own a Vita but even I can recognize how big a deal this was. Dropping the price shows Sony is serious about making the PS Vita successful, and it also will help move units this holiday season. The more people who buy the system, the more willing developers and publishers will be to release games, which will benefit all Vita owners.

Memory Card Price Drop:

The drop in prices for memory cards was bigger news than the system price drop. Sony is making a big push for digital games, and the only way to play and store them on the Vita is through their proprietary memory cards. The money consumers save buying the cards, they can use on downloads to fill them up. I do think Sony should have could have gone farther with the cuts, when its main competitor, the 3DS, uses standard SD cards that are much cheaper. With a quick look on Amazon, one could buy a 32gb SD card for $60 less than a Vita memory card.

So what did you think about the Vita announcements made at Gamescom? Leave a comment and let me know.