The Walking Dead ‑ A Telltale Games Series PS Vita Initial Thoughts

walkingdeadvita boxart

walkingdeadvita boxart

Since the The Walking Dead was announced by Telltale Games I have been dying, yeah I know how cheesy, to play it. Sadly I have never been into PC gaming and I did not own a PS3 or Xbox 360 to play it on. I got a Vita a little bit after it had been announced for the Vita so I knew it would be one of my must buy games when  it came out. I can report after my first session playing the game that it was worth the wait.

While many of you have probably played the first five episodes already, I’ll recap exactly what this game is for new players like me. The Walking Dead (video game) takes place at the same time the beginning of the comic books took place. The game sports visuals similar to the comics and bares no relationship to the popular TV series, unlike the not so well received game, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. The Walking Dead (Telltales Games) follows the story of Lee, as you make crucial decisions that effect the outcome of each episodes and the ones that follow.

Starting Episode 1- A New Day I was quite nervous. Whenever something gets so much praise like the original release of the game, I am hesitant because I worry it might not live up to the hype. Thankfully I was not let down. From the beginning conversation in the police car, the level of decision-making becomes apparent. The first time I faced a walker (zombie) was also an interesting experience because it was not your typical aim and shoot found in other games with zombies. Being a point and click adventure, it brings a unique spin to a zombie game, focusing on problem solving more than shooting.

You may be reading this if you are interested in what about the Vita version is different, and the answer is a good one, nothing! This port retains all the elements of the original release thanks to the power of the Vita. There are two control options available. You can play it with physical controls like you would play it on the PS3, or you can play it with a touchscreen, the same idea as playing it on an iOS device.

The visuals are crisp and clear on the beautiful OLED screen of the system, and playing it with headphones unlock the console versions is an added plus for hearing all the dialogue along with impressive sound effects and music. The only problem with the game are minor glitches, mostly choppy movements in characters at some times.

walkingdeadvita screenshot

Altogether from what I have played so far The Walking Dead Season 1 is looking to become one of my favorite Vita games. It offers the “console quality” experience Sony has been promising for a good price , $20 on PSN or $25 retail, a similar price to currently buying it on other systems.