Borderlands 2 and PS Vita Slim Initial Thoughts

Today marks the release of the PS Vita Slim in North America. Packaged with a digital copy code for Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card, the bundle makes any Vita owner set to play without having to buy any accessories.I have had some time to play around with the system and the game and I got some things to say.


Most notable about the PS Vita Slim is well, its slimness. The system noticeably lighter than the original Vita, and feels more comfortable to hold. A matte finish on the parts of the system also added to the comfort, better for sweaty hands in intense gaming sessions. The bundle comes with an 8GB memory card, but I do recommend getting a larger memory card if you plan on downloading more games than just Borderlands 2 (which has a large file size). I popped in my imported 64GB card, so I’m all set for storage. The big change in this model is the screen. Moving from OLED to LCD allowed the system to have a longer battery life. While it may not look as pretty side to side with the original Vita, the new screen is still a great way to play games and watch movies. I traded in my old Vita to get this one, and I am not having any feelings of regret because of the screen.

Included in the bundle with the new system is Borderlands 2.  The Vita rendition of Borderlands 2 is quite enjoyable. While I have never played it on another system or PC (keep your eyes out for a Nvidia Shield Streaming Comparison Article) I was impressed that such a large game seemed to run well. The frame rate was mostly steady, though a studder every once in a while did occur. However this never got in the way of gameplay, and is not a problem like it is in the Amazing Spider-Man Vita port.

Visually Borderlands 2 is actually rather nice looking. I have always been a fan of cel-shading, and it helps make everything pop. Since it is on the Vita controls had to be moved around in order to fit all the inputs. While I was aware of this going into it, my experiences in the past with PS4 Remote Play made me optimistic. So far as I have played, the touch and back touchpad controls are not that bad. A swipe of the finger on the back touchpad provides a melee attack. It didn’t feel gimmicky though, and it works better than Killzone Mercenary’s swipe the screen to stab mechanic.

I am happy with my new Vita, and Borderlands 2 looks like it will provide be many hours of enjoyment. If you don’t own a PS Vita, now is the time to buy one. If you own a PS4, than you owe it to yourself to get one to experience Remote Play.