New 3DS XL Hitting North America February 13

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct today, and it was a good one too. The biggest news, not surprisingly from rumors, was the release date of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The new 3DS iteration hits shelves February 13, the same day as the launch of The Legend of Zelda:Majora’s Mask 3D. The New 3DS, already available in Japan, Australia and […]

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Star Wars Landspeeder Spotted in Disney Infinity 2.0

Good news fellow Star Wars fans, Luke’s landspeeder has been found as an unlockable vehicle in Disney Infinity 2.0. The bad news it is quite a challenge financially to unlock. In order to claim a Landspeeder, you need to purchase every character and level them to their max level, which I believe is 50, in the game. I’m not going […]

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Wii U to New 3DS Streaming: Far Fetched But Fun to Think About

Signing on to one of my favorite Nintendo websites, GoNintendo, I was greeted with an interesting, albeit far fetched speculation from 3DS hackers. You can find the original post here, but to sum it up the New 3DS uses the same video decoder for viewing videos with HMTL5 as the Wii U uses for streaming to the GamePad. The speculation […]

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REvisiting The Resident Evil Franchise


After an extended hiatus from the franchise, I’ve decided to give Resident Evil another try. For about a year or so, I had been kind of drained by the survival horror genre, what was once thrilling was now tedium. The HD re-release of the Resident Evil remake on GameCube, which was a remake of the original PS1 classic, makes this […]

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PlayStation TV Review


The PlayStation TV has been out for a few months now, many seem to be hesitant towards purchasing the system. With very little marketing that has only sent mixed messages to consumers its no wonder why sales might not be so hot. Since the holiday shopping season has ended many stores have dropped the price of the PlayStation TV, I decided […]

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Giveaway: Three Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Early Access Demo Codes

Update 2: Okay I was going to use the fourth but I’ll just give it away instead. Retweet this tweet ! Update: They have been claimed! Check your email if you won! I’m not too much into Monster Hunter, but with the New 3DS coming out, I may give 4 Ultimate a try. I was fortunate enough to receive some, so […]

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PlayStation Now Subscription: A Great Deal for Some


PlayStation Now now offers subscriptions, for $20 a month or $45 for 3 months you get access to over 100 streaming games. I started the one week free trial, and I’m going to be paying for the month. While I had previously rented a few games on PS Now, the subscription has made me come to love the service, however […]

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